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Digital. 2019

In order to create the DOS STUDIO triptych I started by analyzing the Brutalism and what were the main elements that characterize its architecture: stone, concrete, brick, metal, glass, typographic elements and key colors such as red, blue and yellow (…) I wanted to create an interior with furniture and decoration elements; something that had metal, like the Wasilly chair, and add something personal like their puppy Agustín, whose colors match with the ones of carpet and the chair. A white background is chosen to show how light enters and illuminates the plant and the space, transmitting a clean and fresh atmosphere.
I have always found interesting the behavior of light and how it affects materials and objects. So it occurred to me to turn the metal sign of the Bauhaus school into a neon like, to play with the textures and reflections (opaque / translucent materials), to achieve a more industrial, technological and sci-fi look, bring it to my terrain (…) Above all, I wanted to make a dynamic and organic composition in which, in spite of the excess of information around, the garments are the protagonists of this story, framed between the Le Corbusier’s statement «Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light», and a shining star, indeed Uranus, the planet that represents originality, technology and revolution.